We're rewriting our script, with scrip. Audience Alliance Pictures was formed in 2006 and launched in Park City, Utah, home of the Sundance Film Festival. Park City is still the U.S. home base for Audience Alliance, with HQ in Australia. Since 2006 Audience Alliance has acquired theatrical rights to numerous scripts and intellectual properties. Since inception we have produced and distributed a number of short films and spawned some far reaching media/community programs, but brought to the big screen only one feature film, Broken Hill.

Broken Hill has won more than a dozen major awards at film festivals around the world, is available for rent on Netflix, the DVD can be purchased from Amazon and there are a range of other distributors/suppliers depending on your country/region. For the Audience Alliance team, Broken Hill was our 'go to school' movie. The founders and team members of Audience Alliance have vast filmmaking and media distribution experience and knew that producing a film is only the beginning of the story's journey. In many ways, it is the least expensive and least time consuming dimension of filmmaking. Well, we know it now in new ways. We uncovered some fantastic talent. We learned more about what works and what doesn't, and who works and who doesn't.

William Goldman's oft repeated quote that nobody knows anything in the film industry rings true in our experience, in the sense that no one in the movie industry can predict the future of any film project. In terms of box office and profit there are plenty of despicable 'winners' and amazing 'losers'. Despite all the money, creative talent and energy associated with films there is no magic formula, no golden rule, except that more money usually - not always but usually - helps. There are many films in the Audience Alliance development pipeline, none currently in production. Money makes the world go round and feeds the movie-making pipeline. Audience Alliance was created with the intent to be a vital provider of Capraesque films, movies with heart that appeal to traditional family values, a producer with staying power for the long haul, intended to satisfy an audience hunger for more of those kinds of films. For now and for the next two years the Audience Alliance team is concentrating exclusively on the funding supply so that the original vision and mission can be carried through for the decade ahead, the generations ahead, over the horizon and out of sight.

If you have a question about Audience Alliance Pictures write to info@audiencealliance.com. We will do our best to respond specifically to each inquiry. Please do not send unsolicited scripts or other requests.